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Welcome to the World of Scuba Diving!



On our  2008 group guided dive trip to Bonaire, we had the pleasure of spending time, and diving with Ned and Anna Deloach.  In partnership with Paul Humann, they've authored a series of Reef Fish Identification books. 

 Check out  some of their incredible videos and stories.

Lion Fish Invasion:  Born in the Wrong Sea
Encounters:  Shrimp mobile
Encounters:  Out and About
Encounters:  Oddest of the Odd
How Does Your Garden Grow



You've got to see these pictures of Golden Rays (also known as Cow Nose Rays) migrating from Western Florida to the Yucatan.   Measuring up to 7 ft. from wing-tip to wing-tip.  They have long pectoral fins that separate into two lobes in front of their high-domed heads and give them a cow-like appearance.  Despite having poisonous stingers, they are known to be shy and non-threatening when in large schools.

Thank you to Sandra Critelli for sharing these amazing pictures!

Click on photos to enlarge.

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